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The FCA Announces Investigation

In 2021, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) banned the practice of ‘discretionary commission arrangements’. This practice meant brokers could adjust the interest rates offered to customers when buying a car on finance. In simple terms, the higher the interest rate the customer paid, the more commission the broker received. As we are well aware of at PCP Claim UK, many consumers have been complaining about how much they were charged before the ban was put in place. These complaints have led to the FCA opening an official investigation into car finance complaints.

The FCA has launched a significant financial mis-selling investigation to assess the extent of the problem and ensure compensation is delivered to motorists who may have been affected. While consumers have been able to complain, many firms have falsely rejected complaints because they don’t believe they have acted unfairly or have caused customers to lose out. The investigation will affect consumers who bought a car on finance before 28 January 2021 and if their broker had a discretionary commission arrangement. It will not affect consumers who bought a car on finance after this date or had a hire agreement such as a Personal Contract Hire.

What This Means for You

In the words of Money Saving Expert’s Martin Lewis, could this be the “new PPI” scandal? Martin notes that this is a significant step that could lead to millions of consumers receiving thousands in compensation.

If you fit the criteria mentioned above, such as you bought a car on PCP finance before 2021, you might be eligible to claim and receive compensation for financial mis-selling. The scandal means you may have paid a higher interest rate than you should have on your agreement due to the hidden commission fees.

While the FCA is investigating the issue, they have paused the 8-week deadline for firms to respond to complaints. Therefore, lenders don’t need to respond to your complaint until at least 25 September 2024. However, Martin Lewis has encouraged consumers to start getting their complaints in now to avoid missing out and ensure they are in the queue when action is taken

While there are no guarantees mis-selling will be proven and action will be taken, the FCA carrying out a full review of how complaints have been handled is a significant sign they believe complaints have falsely been rejected and will implement a scheme for distributing compensation. How much compensation people could be entitled to is still uncertain, but it could be in the thousands.

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