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If ANY of the below apply, you may be due compensation via PCP claims:

  • The lender did not tell you about sales commissions
  • The lender told you about commissions but not how much
  • You paid a high interest rate on the PCP finance
  • You bought your car in the last 10 years
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You do not need to use a claims management company to make your complaint, you can do this yourself for free. If your complaint is not successful you can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service yourself for free or the Financial Compensation Scheme.

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PCP Finance Claims

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreements are the most commonly sold financial products to acquire a car. With an initial deposit payment, ongoing monthly payments and a final ‘balloon’ payment they make the acquisition of a vehicle feasible for the vast majority of consumers. If any of this rings a bell then you have more than likely signed a PCP agreement and if you did so within the last 10 years then you’re most likely eligible for PCP claims.

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PCP Finance Claims

Hire Purchase Claims

Hire Purchase (HP) agreements entail paying a fixed monthly amount to acquire a vehicle, and unlike PCP agreements, they don’t entail a balloon payment at the end of the finance term. HP agreements are most commonly sold to business customers, but it is still possible you have secured this type of loan personally. If this rings a bell, you may have signed an HP agreement, and if you did so within the last 10 years, you’re most likely eligible for car finance claims.

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Hire Purchase Claims

FCA Announces Investigation

In what is a significant step towards PCP compensation, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced in January 2024 that they were launching an investigation into finance complaints. The investigation comes after a high number of complaints were received from consumers who believe they have been charged too much on their loans before discretionary commission arrangements were banned in 2021. The FCA will assess the extent of the scandal and ensure consumers who are owed compensation receive it in the best way possible.

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Understand Your Rights

We understand your rights

As a UK citizen, you have fundamental consumer rights including that any financial product is explained to you with transparency and integrity. PCP has been sold with exorbitant sales commissions built in that are paid, ultimately, by you. We understand how to enforce your right to financial parity in order to reclaim these hidden fees via a successful PCP claim.

Dedicated and Experienced Team

A dedicated and experienced team

The team at PCP Claim UK lives and breathes consumer finance claims, so when you work with us, you can rest assured that we’ll leverage our knowledge and experience in your best interests. All you have to do is provide us with information about your PCP or HP agreements and we can take it from there, submitting a legal claim for compensation directly to your provider whilst you wait for the results.

High Success Rate

High success rate in PCP claims

Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve helped thousands of customers secure the compensation they deserve, and our dedication to results benefits every one of our clients. By joining a growing number of claimants, you increase your chance of making a successful PCP claim and benefit from our group litigation experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Have I Been Mis-Sold on My Finance Agreement?

Financial mis-selling is immoral and damaging, causing consumers to receive a financial product or service that isn’t fully in their best interests. Motorists may have been incorrectly advised, therefore losing money, when buying a car on finance. If you purchased a motor vehicle, such as a car, van or motorbike, on PCP or HP finance before January 2021, you may have been mis-sold. Claims can involve high-interest rates, undisclosed commissions and relationships, and a lack of affordability checks.

One of the most significant ways motorists have been mis-sold is by paying a higher interest rate than they should have. As with most loans, finance agreements when buying a vehicle typically come with interest fees that the borrower must pay throughout the contract period. However, consumers were offered deals with inflated interest rates because of discretionary commission arrangements.

The commission agreements meant consumers paid more interest, allowing the dealer or broker to receive a larger commission fee. Motorists may have thought this was a fixed rate, but there were cheaper deals available that the dealer should have told them about. According to the FCA, the average consumer may have paid £1,100 more interest than necessary.

Dealers not disclosing their commission fees is another reason why motorists have been mis-sold. A claim might be possible if they didn’t tell you a commission agreement was in place or if they did but not how much money they would receive. The FCA estimates that 95% of deals include a commission model and that 40% are believed to be discretionary commission arrangements. This practice, banned in 2021, allowed brokers or dealers to offer customers an inflated interest rate, which they would take as part of their commission.

Buying a motor vehicle is a significant and costly decision, and failing to disclose a commission arrangement can lead to a conflict of interest and a lack of transparency, suggesting the dealer is not protecting the consumer’s best interests. Firms must now reveal the existence of an arrangement but not the amount unless the customer asks.

Under the FCA’s Consumer Credit sourcebook (CONC) guidelines, the dealer or broker must check that you can afford the loan before you sign the car finance agreement. An affordability check looks at your income and credit history to ensure you can cover the monthly payments. You may be able to claim if the company that arranged the finance failed to conduct an adequate affordability check before financing the vehicle.

You may have struggled to make monthly payments alongside your other financial commitments during the contract. You may have kept up with payments but got into debt by prioritising your car finance over other payments. If you had a PCP deal, the balloon payment at the end of your contract may have been more than expected because the dealer didn’t explain it adequately. These are a few areas where the lack of affordability checks may impact you, but you were only mis-sold if you couldn’t afford the deal when taking it out.

Dealers and brokers have a duty to ensure consumers are treated fairly and receive the products and services that suit their needs. Part of this responsibility includes providing motorists with accurate and up-to-date information and advising them of any possible conflicts of interest. If they have a commercial relationship with a lender, such as a commission arrangement, they must disclose this to the consumer.

Many dealers and brokers failed to clearly disclose their commercial relationships with lenders, to the detriment of consumers. Firms must now disclose if they have a relationship with a lender. The dealer must tell the customer how much, if any, commission they will receive from a lender.

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